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Our pricing in our 12 passenger limo vehicles are as follows: It is $99.99 plus tax and driver gratuity per person for a total of $127.99 each all inclusive. If the passenger count is below 8 people, then it would be the minimum $799.99 plus tax and driver gratuity divided by the number of passengers. For this you receive 8 hours of dedicated limo service from Kingston and back to Kingston. We leave at 11:00 am and return around 7:00 pm. This works out to about 5.5 hours in the county. Once we decide on which 4 vineyards to visit, I will call ahead and book you into all of your tastings. If you have no preferences, then I can recommend a good tour route for you with some excellent stops. The tastings are anywhere from $1 each, to 3 for $5, and up to a flat charge of $10, although most places will waive your individual tasting fee if you purchase a bottle.

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